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Collaborative Course

The Chemical Research Group offers an interactive course including educational and research activities focusing on carbon capture and storage (CCS) and climate change mitigation. This course is offered in the Graduate School of Materials Science within Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST).

A significant aim of the course is to allow students to further understand global environmental problems (especially climate change), the associated social-economic background to the issue, the causes of climate change and the countermeasures that may be employed to arrest it. Students will also learn the scientific fundamentals that underpin technologies for the resolution of these environmental issues. This is accomplished through closely working with researchers at RITE who are involved in the development of technologies to separate or capture CO2, or technologies that produce H2 or biomaterials.
Training is generally provided 'on the job' on projects on climate change mitigation technologies currently being developed at RITE. This allows students to obtain technology-relevant knowledge and skills in addition to understanding the wider background issues. Through small class sizes, students often receive one-on-one instruction from the Ph.D. researchers who are responsible for project activities, such as daily experimental procedures, and are able to directly discuss the research with the instructors.

Collaborative Laboratory


  • Visiting Professor: Katsunori Yogo
  • Visiting Professor: Kazuya Goto
  • Visiting Associate Professor: Hidetaka Yamada

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