Gas-Liquid Absorption

Gas-Liquid Absorption

Description of the Research Areas

The absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) by liquid solvents is one of the most promising processes for the practical realization of CO2 capture and storage (CCS). Two different types of solvents may be applied for this purpose: chemical solvents that absorb CO2 through chemical reactions and physical solvents that simply dissolve the gas.

Currently, the RITE Chemical Research Group is focusing on the use of chemical CO2 solvents and is conducting research and development of solvents containing amine compounds as their main components. In the chemical absorption method, the solvent selectively absorbs CO2 from a mixture of gases through chemical reactions and subsequently desorbs the CO2 upon heating. This technique allows CO2 capture from sources producing large quantities of CO2 under either ambient or moderately high pressures.

The Chemical Research Group has been engaged in improving the performance of chemical CO2 solvents for over a decade, with the aim of reducing the costs associated with CO2 capture.


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